3Dmehanika d.o.o. was established on October 1st 2010. The main office is located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main activity of the company is engineering and consulting. The company is specializing in the energy sector, industrial processing plants, 3D modeling and simulation in mechanical engineering industry and related sectors.


Personnel Policy

The company employs highly qualified professionals with international experience, and hires a large number of external experts, mainly experts in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical and civil engineering, and prominent professors. Multidisciplinary teams with their professional skills, experience and expertise can respond to all challenges and requirements.

Furthermore, our company invests all necessary resources and actively works on developing our student internees, with an aim to prepare our future personnel, and all in accordance with the development plans of our company.


Quality Policy

Taking into consideration the quality of the business and work process as the most important factors of competitiveness and success in the market place, company strives to ensure reliability and satisfaction of the quality of our services and constantly invests in all phases of business and work process.

The quality of services and work processes for all employees is an absolute priority. Active planning and efficient use of human and material resources is ensured through Quality Management System (EN ISO 9001:2015).

Company’s quality policy is: efficient and effective work, flawlessness, full responsibility of all employees in the work processes, and the execution of activities in full and on time.

From Idea To Product

Latest projects

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